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Our streamlined digital marketing technology stack yields a larger return on ad-spend for B2B marketers.

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Essex Digital Platform is a B2B digital marketing and intelligence solution that gives B2B marketers access to tools for the complete management of advanced, closed loop digital marketing in a single, unified environment. From Predictive Analytics to Advanced Audience Targeting , Essex Digital Platform provides a complete marketing system that rivals every other B2B technology in the market today.

The Essex Digital Platform B2B Digital Technology Stack unlocks remarkable value for B2B marketers by turning data into knowledge through actionable insights and real time, agile learning.

Precise campaign targeting and real time, on- demand performance measurement in a single place helps B2B marketers centralize and analyze all of their marketing data in a cohesive environment, while providing the dexterity to test and optimize campaigns in response to learnings.

B2B Marketers will find a full suite of analytics and marketing resources with access to our reporting portal, Customer Central.
Essex Digital Platform is a low risk, high reward managed digital marketing and intelligence solution

Advanced B2B Audience Targeting

EDP enables the targeting of international audiences based on location demographic, income level, job title, industry codes, and online browsing behaviors.

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Facility Level Targeting

Target leads and prospects while they are at work! EDP allows businesses to deliver display advertising to physical street-level addresses for optimal B2B targeting. 


Using a virtual geographic boundary, enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

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Customer Leads Subscription

Our Customer Leads report subscription reveals which companies are visiting your website by using proprietary identification technology.  By knowing which companies are visiting your website, even if they don’t initiate contact, you will now have valuable leads as part of your customer outreach program.   

Customer Leads Reporting also includes marketing intelligence about your website traffic and activity such as Visitor Activity, Popular Pages Visited, Referring Websites, and Geographic Visitor Locations.

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Advantages of utilizing Custom Leads as part of your campaign includes:

  • Connecting with prospects being driven to your website early in their buying/research cycle
  • Ability to prioritize leads based on visitor engagement
  • Ability to receive leads on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Turn Visitor and Lead Data into Custom Audiences for Outreach Campaigns
  • Valuable website engagement data and insights delivered daily

Our Clients

  • ACDelco
  • Boart Longyear
  • Babcox
  • TPC Wire & Cable Corp
  • Ohio Power Tool
  • Lubrizol
  • Ford Parts
  • Cose

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