Essex Digital Platform is a Marketing Intelligence and Adtech Innovator. Designed for advanced marketers, EDP’s technology stack helps leading brands centralize all of their digital marketing efforts, data, and insights in one platform.

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Essex Digital Platform is an advanced Digital Marketing Intelligence System designed for forward-thinking marketers. Our 1st party partnership with The Trade Desk, allows us to navigate the entire online programmatic ecosystem and tap into inventory across 99% percent of all online traffic. You’ll have access to inventory such as Display, Mobile, Video, Audio, Native, and Premium through our Managed Services.  Our built-in DMP Data Management Platform allows us to generate extremely granular and precise targeting results, while providing you with continual data feedback and real time insights in Customer Central.

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Essex Digital Platform provides advanced marketers the ability to deliver targeted, data driven, cross channel and device-specific campaigns through the customer journey from origination to execution. Along with Behavioral, Contextual, GEO, and Channel-Specific RTB targeting, EDP’s Advanced Targeting Partner Stack Integrates Best-In-Class Advanced Targeting Technologies that allow marketers to profile and segment customers creating deeper levels of targeting, insights, and attribution.

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Drive higher ROAS Return on Ad Spend and lower your CPA Cost Per Acquisition by connecting multiple marketing and sales systems.  Our expertise linking platforms like Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, Magento, Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube, and over 300 other programs allow you to leverage campaign and audience data for optimal marketing intelligence. Our methodology, technology, and process help advanced marketers achieve total insight across multiple channels leading to refined marketing strategies and better business value enterprise-wide.

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Essex Digital Platform’s vast reporting capabilities allow advanced marketers to collate, understand, and organize data in a systematic, business-focused manner. Utilizing your 1st and 3rd party data, Essex Digital Platform’s team of Data Scientists can create an array of custom reports that will enable the most seasoned marketer unparalleled insights.

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