ESSEX + eCommerce

After investing your time and resources in building an eCommerce site, you need to also take the time to let people know that your site exists and is open for business.

You’ve done a lot of hard work to get your eCommerce site off the ground, so let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing. Each marketing solution that we create is completely customized to our clients so that we can help them reach their specific eCommerce goals.

Seamlessly develop and integrate eCommerce solutions and enterprise software systems providing clients with increased profitability and operational efficiency.

Improve audience development through marketing intelligence, segmentation, CRM, loyalty, cross-sell, up-sell strategies, dynamic price pointing, affiliate sales and marketing, cart abandonment, continuity programs, display and email re-marketing, checkout promotions, related products, catalog pricing rules, cart pricing rules, event promotions, reordering, lead generation, DRM/DRTV, direct response landing pages.

Capture actionable data by connecting all reporting mechanisms to a single sign on reporting platform (Customer Central).

Drive digital marketing and online sales transformation by implementing top-tier eCommerce strategies, solutions, technologies and platforms like Magento, Shopify, and omni-channel sales such as Amazon, Google Shopping, and eBay.

Yield larger return on ad spend by optimizing sales transactions in real time by leveraging the data loop we create.